The 20 Best Dainty Necklaces in 2023 | by Brides

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Stunning picks from Etsy, Gorjana, and more Gold Coated Jewellery

The 20 Best Dainty Necklaces in 2023 | by Brides

When we think of wedding necklaces, we often think of intricate investment pieces that are just as ornate as a wedding dress. However, you don’t need to drape yourself in bold designs for eye-catching and heirloom-worthy bridal jewelry. As a matter of fact, dainty necklaces are often preferred, since they add a touch of shimmering sparkle without taking away from your dress and wedding ring stack. Plus, they’re styles you can get a ton of use out of after you say “I do” as many dainty necklace styles are designed for everyday wear. 

Though this necklace may be small, it will still get a ton of attention, so you want to make sure it's the ideal match. We turned to Margaux Perrier, a fine jewelry designer, and owner of Margaux Perrier Jewelry on how to choose wedding jewelry. With her advice, we researched the best pieces by paying close attention to design, materials, and construction quality.

Margaux Perrier is a a fine jewelry designer and owner of Margaux Perrier Jewelry.

Whether you’re looking for a more traditional pendant-style necklace like Catbird Spring Fairy Necklace, a timeless tennis necklace like The Last Line Diamond Eternity Necklace, or something a little more whimsical, we’ve got your décolletage covered with the best dainty necklaces for your wedding day, ahead.

Read on for the best dainty necklaces for your wedding.

Just because a wedding necklace has a dainty design, doesn’t mean it sparkles any less. Case in point: This ultra-fine necklace from Etsy designer Narcissus Fine Jewelry boasts a bedazzling design anchored with three tiny diamonds draped across the neck. The necklace is handmade from your choice of either 14K yellow, rose, or white gold, plus comes in a variety of sizes, including adjustable options, which make it versatile enough for everyday wear post-nuptials.

Price at time of publish: $167+

Metal: 14K white, yellow,  rose gold | Length: 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 inches (adjustable options available)

If gemstones aren’t your style or you’re looking for a necklace that is a little more minimalistic, a wrap chain is a great choice. The Super Dainty Wrap Necklace from E and E Project on Etsy is made from a fine chain in your choice of sterling silver, gold filled, 14K yellow gold, or 14K white gold. The chain is also available in two different lengths, so you can double up for an effortless, double-wrapped look.

Price at time of publish: $22+

Metal: Sterling silver, gold filled, 14K yellow gold, 14K white gold | Length: 14, 15 inches

When we think of dainty necklaces, we often think of simple designs. However, you can have your (wedding) cake and eat it too when it comes to dainty bridal jewelry. The Opal Spring Fairy Necklace is the perfect mix of dainty and decorative with its dripping pendant center, featuring a pearl and recycled diamond anchored front and center with a tiny opal stone. It’s the perfect pick for a whimsical wedding and a gorgeous layering piece for post-wedding wear.

Price at time of publish: $358

Metal: Recycled 14K yellow gold | Length: 15-17, 17-19 inches

Break from tradition and opt for a longer necklace with this chic style from Marrow. Studded with nine pave black diamonds, the 30-inch necklace is a gorgeous, statement-making piece that pairs beautifully with ultra-deep cut necklines. For low-back wedding dress styles, you can also wear the necklace across your neck (like a choker) with the chain draping over your shoulder blades.

Price at time of publish: $3,400

Metal: 14K yellow gold | Length: 30 inches

Add a crescent of sparkle to your neckline with the Half Moon Bay Diamond Pendant necklace from Clean Origin. This delicate piece is made with 17 graduated lab-grown diamonds and set in either yellow, white, or rose gold for a simple, yet eye-catching look. Pair it with a cowl, scoop, or off-the-shoulder neckline and petite stud earrings.

Price at time of publish: $1,455

Metal: 14K white, yellow, rose gold | Length: 16-18 inches

Pearls are one of the most popular jewelry trends in recent years, but they’ve always been a wedding day classic. We love the Pearl and White Diamond Necklace from Concrete Collective because it boasts a timeless design that feels like a family heirloom. The added diamond makes it easier to style with other dazzling jewelry. On top of that, the necklace is low-key enough for daily wear, so you’ll be wearing it long after you say “I do.”

Price at time of publish: $250

Metal: 14K yellow gold | Length: 16 inches

If you’re planning a garden wedding and looking for the perfect piece of jewelry to wear, this gorgeous and dainty Papillon Butterfly Pendant necklace from Margaux Perrier Jewelry is a must. The handcrafted 14K yellow gold pendant comes in two different chain sizes—16.5 and 18.5 inches—and it represents new beginnings, making it the perfect symbol for your big day.

Price at time of publish: $975

Metal: 14K yellow gold | Length: 16.5, 18.5 inches

Canadian jewelry company MYEL is one of our go-to brands for unique jewelry pieces. For a daintier necklace that still has a ton of personality, we love the Daisy Necklace—it feels like the perfect option for a spring or summer wedding. The fine wheat chain is crafted in sparkling 14K yellow gold and is pretty enough to wear on its own, but can also be layered for more of a statement.

Price at time of publish: $986

Metal: 10K yellow gold | Length: 16 inches

For a dainty twist to a wedding day classic, the Pearl Shoreline Necklace from Ariel Gordon is a real stunner. Handcrafted in Los Angeles from 3mm genuine seed pearl and 14K yellow gold findings, this necklace adds just the right amount of pearlescent sparkle to your neckline.

Price at time of publish: $225

Metal: 14K yellow gold | Length: 16 inches

If you want something pearl-like, but with with a little more oomph, opals are a gorgeous wedding jewelry alternative. The Opal Heart Necklace from Gorjana features a small heart-shaped opal stone set in 14K yellow gold and strung on a dainty adjustable chain. With its faint touch of sparkle, it’s an excellent choice for more minimalistic wedding styles.

Price at time of publish: $145

Metal: 14K yellow gold | Length: 15-17 inches

Bring your energy into balance on your big day with the Solid Gold Chakra Necklace from Harvest Moon—it's a fun way to add color to your wedding look. Crafted in 9K yellow gold, the necklace is on the more affordable side of the spectrum (at least as far as yellow gold is concerned) and features genuine stones such as pink opal, amethyst, lapis, and green chalcedony to represent the seven chakra centers.

Price at time of publish: $199

Metal: 9K yellow gold | Length: 16-18 inches

Mirror, mirror on the wall, the Tiny Pace Diamond Necklace from Stone and Strand is the daintiest wedding necklace of them all. With it’s ultra-small 7mm bar featuring seven ethically-sourced diamonds, this necklace has a "barely there" feel that adds a touch of sparkle, without overdoing it. Perfectly for layering or for a more simple look on its own, the necklace comes in either yellow or white gold, so you can match it perfectly to your personal style (and your dress).

Price at time of publish: $195

Metal: 10K yellow or white gold | Length: 16 inches

Whether you’re planning a garden wedding or looking for something a little more trendy, this adorable—we repeat: adorable—mushroom necklace from Local Eclectic adds the sweetest touch. Made from solid 9K yellow gold with a retro mushroom-shaped pendant design, the whimsical wedding necklace is the perfect layering piece for fun added detail.

Price at time of publish: $149

Metal: 9K yellow gold | Length: 16-18 inches

This beaded necklace from Monica Vinader takes the timeless pearl wedding jewelry trend up a notch with the addition of accented gold beads. Handcrafted from cultured freshwater pearls with recycled gold-plated vermeil, it's a more sustainable wedding necklace choice, too.

Price at time of publish: $175

Metal: 18K recycled gold plated vermeil | Length: 16-18 inches

Available in 14k rose, white, and yellow gold, the super-simple necklace is the epitome of dainty minimalism. The tiny geometric-shaped pendant (a great alternative to a gemstone) boasts enough shimmer to catch the eye without overpowering the look.

Price at time of publish: $383

Metal: 14K yellow, white, rose gold | Length: 16 inches

For a dainty tennis necklace, look no further than the Perfect Diamond Eternity Necklace from The Last Line. This stunning piece features a slender row of tiny round diamonds set in either white or yellow gold. Available in three different lengths—15, 16.5, and 18 inches—this timeless necklace is destined for heirloom status.

Price at time of publish: $6,965

Metal: 14K white, yellow gold | Length: 15,16.5, 18 inches

If you want a dainty diamond necklace that truly shines, this option from Stone and Strand is one of our top picks. Because the chain is a little thicker than other fine chains, the pendant necklace boasts tons of shimmer along the neck .with a show-stopping mini heart pendant to anchor the piece. We love it because of the unique design—from afar, it looks like a solid diamond, but when viewed up close, you'll see that the shape is made up of smaller stones clustered together.

Price at time of publish: $395

Metal: 10K yellow gold | Length: 13.5-15.5 inches

For a different—yet still very dainty— wedding necklace, we love the Shimmering White Sapphire Pendant Necklace from Local Eclectic. Set in 14K white gold with a matching fine chain, white sapphire is said to bring protection and good fortune to those who wear it, making this wedding necklace a more symbolic choice for the big day.

Price at time of publish: $199

Metal: 14K white gold | Length: 16-18 inches

The Floating Diamond Necklace from Gorjana is another one of our top picks because it adds just the right amount of sparkle to the neckline, with its barely-there chain and small round diamond fleck. A great choice for minimalist brides—or those looking to balance out a more intricate wedding gown with a simple necklace style—the necklace is also incredibly versatile. It will quickly become an essential piece in your jewelry collection after the big day has passed.

Price at time of publish: $365

Metal: 18K yellow gold | Length: 14 ⅞-15 ⅞ inches

For an ultra-sweet detail on your wedding day, rock your new last initial or the first letter of you and your partner’s names with this necklace from Oak and Luna. Available in sterling silver, 18K gold gerbil, 14K yellow gold, and 14K white gold, this custom piece adds a special and personalized touch to your wedding day jewelry.

Price at time of publish: $70+

Metal: Sterling silver, 18K gold vermeil, 14K white or yellow gold  | Length: 14-16, 16-18 inches

When choosing a necklace for your wedding day, Perrier says to think about your desired color palette, especially if you are choosing colorful stones, like Harvest Moon Chakra Necklace. “If you’re going for something colorful like an emerald, think of how that color plays in with the rest of your wedding—is it complimentary or will it clash?”

Perrier also says to consider the neckline of your dress, which can help determine what necklace style to choose. “Try to envision how each piece will frame you to create a harmonious balance,” she says. For instance, a half moon pendant necklace like Clean Origin Half Moon Bay Pendant Necklace works well with a cowl neckline while a longer chain like Marrow Black Diamond Necklace is perfect for a deep V or backless gown. With this in mind, it’s best to choose a dainty necklace after you’ve said yes to the dress, that way you have a better idea of how everything will go together. 

Metal is another important aspect of wedding jewelry. If you’re looking for something that is nice but more budget-friendly, a gold vermeil (which is silver plated in gold) necklace can help drive the cost down without sacrificing quality, like in Oak and Luna Mini Initial Choker. Additionally, lower karat metal like 9K or 10K is more affordable compared to 14K and 18K gold. Knowing what type of metal you want can also help your search efforts, since some styles only come in one or two metal types whereas others are available in vermeil, sterling silver, and rose, yellow, and white gold.

Yellow gold is connected to one of the most popular and modern wedding traditions. “If you take a peek into ancient traditions across hundreds of years, yellow gold has proven to be treasured and timeless,” says Perrier. “In 1508, Mary of Burgundy was adorned in the first-ever engagement ring—a yellow gold set with diamonds in the shape of an ‘M.’”

When choosing your wedding jewelry, Perrier says it’s important to consider your personal style and which jewelry styles speak to you most. “Rather than going for a style that's popular on all the Pinterest boards, I always recommend something that really feels like you,” she says. That way, your jewelry paints a clear picture of your unique style with a bit of character that makes you feel beautiful. “Trust that, if you listen to your hear for guidance, you can never make the wrong choice,” Perrier adds. 

Perrier says there are no concrete rules for purchasing bridal jewelry, as this is a personal experience. It's a great opportunity for a bride's partner or mother to buy a special piece, or it can be something that's gifted from the bridal party. At the end of the day, it's the bride's special moment—if she spots something she loves, she should definitely jump on it.

Contributing writer Jessie Quinn has a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Journalism from the Academy of Art University and is currently getting certified in metalworking and jewelry design from Pasadena City College. At Brides, Jessie covers everything from engagement rings to wedding decor, using her background in fashion and research skills to inform her coverage. When searching for the best dainty necklaces for your wedding day, Jessie turned to top brands and small designers in a variety of styles. She also paid close attention to construction quality, metal type, and design, while also looking at items that could become a family heirloom—after all, a wedding necklace is one of the most special pieces in your jewelry box and something to be cherished for generations to come.

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