The Best Indoor Containers To Help Your Plants Thrive And Grow

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Having plants in your living space not only improves the aesthetics but also has a positive impact on both physical and mental health (via Swanson Nursery). Regardless of the size or even the lighting conditions of your place, you can find plants that will grow and thrive in it. But not all of us have a green thumb, and since every plant has different requirements, it might seem overwhelming at times. Luckily, when it comes to containers for growing plants indoors, certain things are fairly universal. For example, we all know that good drainage is probably the most important part of any indoor plant container.

But what about when it comes to the interior design aspect? According to Jay Scotts, the most important thing when it comes to adding houseplants is unity and harmony. Claire Goodman from R & R Landscaping was quoted as saying, "Planters can be so impactful when done well. We want something large enough to make an impact, but not overcrowd the area. And of course, the style needs to compliment the space itself." So without further ado, let's go over some of the best indoor containers to help your plants thrive and grow. Seed Starting Shelves With Lights

The Best Indoor Containers To Help Your Plants Thrive And Grow

The first planter on the list is a dipped clay teardrop-shaped pot with a drainage dish and stand by Sage & Sill. Made from glazed terracotta and metal, it's advised to use a grow pot inside to keep the color of the pot from fading. It has a built-in drain spout at the bottom and a drainage dish to catch excess water, which fits right underneath the pot on the perfect little stand it comes with. The whole thing is a foot tall, and the pot has a 9-inch diameter.

Additionally, this planter comes in multiple design choices that will complement a variety of color schemes. It has a modern and classy look, and let's face it — terracotta is one of the most commonly recommended materials for decorating with indoor plants, due to its porous nature (per Paisley & Sparrow). This helps aerate the soil and keeps drainage flowing, which will in turn help your plants thrive and grow. This planter sells for $109.99, but it's currently on sale for $89.95.

This planter is a gorgeous starter pot, measuring just 4 inches wide and 6 inches tall. Perfectly designed for growing orchids, it's made from glazed ceramic and comes with an interior liner pot and a matching drip container. One unique characteristic is the hexagonal shape, which is matched with the tray and outfitted with multiple pads for protecting surfaces. The design also provides feet on the bottom of the planter itself, so it holds the pot above the drip tray.

Because of this attention to detail, this particular indoor plant container gives the plant optimum aeration and drainage conditions to help it thrive and grow. It comes in honey cream or emerald green and features a stylized, abstract design. These pots are really a lovely creation and will add a touch of class to any room. They're ideal for orchids if you happen to be giving them a try, and the price is just $28.95 from rePotme.

This is a hand-etched terracotta planter from Sumiye Co for $41.00. The really interesting thing about these is the fact that they're handmade by female artists in Bangladesh! Additionally, they're made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials, and as we previously discussed, terracotta is great for helping plants thrive and grow. This pot measures about 5-½ inches tall and has a diameter of 8-½ inches. If you love the geometric look and feel that these types of planters evoke, this is the ideal pot for your indoor plants.

Terracotta pots in general can be used either indoors or outdoors, but this one is too pretty to hide. It has a drainage hole in the bottom, so you might want to find a matching drain dish, which shouldn't be a problem. The neutral color goes with nearly any decor, and there are multiple sizes and design variations. And terracotta pots look great in hanging macramé plant holders if you want to save space.

Next on the list is an interesting choice if you're looking for something different. Eco-pots from Wild Pact are made from the bark of cork oak trees and come with matching drain dishes made from rice hulls. They're sustainable and eco-friendly, and make interesting conversation pieces as well. And because they're lightweight, you can move plants around easily to try different looks. They come in sets of three pots. Each eco pot measures about 5-½ inches tall.

Eco-pots will support multiple types of indoor plants, including herbs, flowers, and cacti. If you're the type of person who likes to make environmentally responsible purchases, but you also want something unique, these pots might be something to check out, priced at $30.00 each for a set of three pots and saucers. They're naturally-made planters that help the environment, and the material and design will also help your indoor plants thrive and grow.

These adorable rustic wood bucket planters come in a set of three from Home Depot for $89.98, and include drainage holes for clean, healthy soil, and growing thriving indoor plants. You will probably need to purchase a separate drip tray, and these particular planters can be used outside as well. The sizes include: 18 inches in diameter and 14 inches tall for the largest one, a 15-inch diameter and 11-½ inch height for the medium-sized one, and an 11-½ inch diameter with a 10-inch height for the smallest one.

The wood finish is stain-resistant, and their rustic look would be great for plants in the kitchen, especially if you have a country style kitchen. They also have great reviews and people say they're very durable, especially with indoor placement. The three sizes are perfect for plants of all types and they work well for sizing up when it's time to replant. These rustic containers would make a good choice for people who love the look of wood in home design and want to grow healthy indoor plants.

From West Elm, these simple self-watering pots are made of cast stone, ranging in size from one quart to 5 gallons, and in prices from $229 to $299. Their unique design allows the plant to draw water from the included saucer as it needs it, eliminating the constant concern of busy plant owners. The system helps if you travel a lot and haven't been able to keep plants alive while you're away. If you're new to growing indoor plants and are worried about forgetting to water them, self-watering pots provide an ideal alternative. 

These planters are safe to use either indoors or outside, and even provide protection against frost. By using this simple system, your indoor plants will be able to grow and thrive all year round, and always have the moisture they need. These pots come in black and white colors and can accommodate small to large indoor plants. The cast stone planters are definitely on the heavy side, but are very sturdy and won't tip over. Plus, they're made in the U.S.A! 

If you're looking for a great look in ceramic pots, this set of two for $77.95 from Sunnydaze Decor fits the bill. A classic and timeless look, they come in seafoam green, gray, imperial blue, and forest lake green. They're 7-½ inches tall, and 9 inches in diameter and each one holds 3-½ quarts of soil, perfect for medium-sized plants. These are done with a high-fired glaze finish and would look great in the living room, or any room you want to put plants in. You can also size up to an 11-inch diameter pot for $145, which is really a good price for two of these higher-quality glazed ceramic pots. 

You can safely use them outdoors as well, and they're resistant to cracking in cold temperatures. This is also a heavier planter that's quite durable and even comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. Additionally, these ceramic pots have the proper drainage hole for indoor use and sell matching drain saucers separately. They make a great choice for indoor containers that will help your plants grow healthy and strong.

Looking to start out with a culinary herb garden? If so, this Stack and Grow kit from True Leaf Market is just the ticket! Priced fairly reasonably at $95.59, it includes everything you need to start, including six different seeds. The unique design makes it nearly impossible for your plants to do anything but thrive and grow. The built-in drainage system makes watering easy, with the top tier draining into the next tier down, and so on, until the bottom, where it drips into a drip tray.

The Best Indoor Containers To Help Your Plants Thrive And Grow

Desk Lamp For Plants The planters come in three colors: sand, terracotta, or black. There are four tiers plus the drain tray, holding up to 20 plants. They stack 15 inches tall and the whole thing measures two feet in diameter. The base has wheels so you can move it around easily, and the set-up is also collapsible for easy storage. It's made of durable BPA-free plastic, in the U.S., and comes with a one-year warranty. It also comes with a chain for hanging them if you're trying to save space, or just like the look of hanging plants.